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Terms & Conditions for Clients and Customers. 

These terms and conditions apply to the provision of driving tuition by PCR Driving’s Approved Driving Instructors, to clients paying for that service, where the client is defined as a “Consumer”, in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

 1: Definitions and Interpretations.

In these Terms and Conditions, unless the context otherwise requires, the following expressions have the following meanings:

1.1​”Business” means any business, trade, craft, or profession carried out by PCR Driving Instructors, and any other person/organisation.

1.2 ​”Consumer/client/Client” means a “consumer” as defined by the Consumer Rights Act 2015. In relation to these Terms and Conditions, it refers to you, the client paying for driving tuition, whether you have been referred to the driving instructor by PCR Driving, or through any other means.

1.3 ​”DVSA” means the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency.

1.4 ​”Driving Instructor/Your driving instructor” means any PCR Driving Instructor.

1.5 ​”Price List” means PCR Driving’s standard price list for driving tuition, advertised on their website.The list is available on request by email or phone. Email: christate121@gmail.com or by calling 01733301914

1.6 ​”Client/Student” also means the individual recipient of driving instruction, as named in the Acceptance Clause of this document.

1.7 ​”Parent/Guardian” means an individual with legal responsibility for the Client, who will assume legal liability for the Student’s actions or inaction in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, in the event that the client is less than 18 years old on the date of signing this document.

1.8 ​”Regulations” means The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013.

1.9 ​Unless the context otherwise requires, each reference in these terms and conditions, such as “to these Terms and Conditions”, is a reference to these Terms and Conditions as amended or supplemented at the relevant time; and1.9a​ “Clause” or “sub-Clause” is a reference to a Clause of these Terms and Conditions.

1.10 ​The headings used in these Terms and Conditions are for convenience only and shall not affect the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions.

1.11​Words signifying the singular number shall include the plural and vice versa;

1.12​“PCR Driving” refers to the organisation called PCR driving.

1.13​“Lesson/lesson” refers to the delivery of any driving tuition, for a period lasting more than ten minutes. It can also refer to any driving test in relation to the clauses in section 3, though this is usually referred to specifically in other clauses.  

1.14​Text written in italics and like this, is intended to assist interpretation of the clauses and offer general advice to you, the instructor. They are notes intended to assist you identify areas where PCR Driving can be flexible, and where PCR Driving really can’t.Because the last thing PCR Driving wants to do is make these terms and conditions impossible to understand. This contract is intended to protect you the client, your driving instructor, and PCR Driving. Where matters are open to interpretation, misunderstanding, or require clarification and guidance, please contact us.

2: Driving Instructor

In these Terms and Conditions, your driving instructor’s responsibilities to you, as a client, are clarified.

2.1 ​All PCR Driving Instructors are self-employed, independent driving instructors. They are not employed by a PCR Driving school when providing tuition under these Terms and Conditions.

2.2 ​ALL PCR Driving Instructors must be registered with the DVSA as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). All PCR Driving Instructors ADI registrations must be up to date. The instructor must display their current DVSA ADI registration certificate in any vehicle used to provide driving tuition.Please let PCR Driving know if that is not the case, and we’ll sort it out.

2.3​ PCR Driving Instructors must ensure that ADI certificates are kept up to date at all times. Again, please let us know if this is not the case.

3: Driving Lessons, Their Booking, Cancellation, and DelaysIn these terms and conditions, your responsibilities and rights, as a client, are clarified, along with PCR Driving’s obligations.

3.1​ Clients will be provided with a PCR Driving Instructor when and if they book a lesson through PCR Driving, depending on your availability. PCR Driving can’t make any guarantees regarding the availability of Driving Instructors, as they are not employees of PCR Driving.

3.2​ Lessons can be booked through the website PCRDriving.com, in person, by phone, or by e-mail or via social media.

3.3 a​It will be PCR Driving’s responsibility to promptly notify your driving instructor of any bookings.

3.4​ It shall be your driving instructor’s responsibility to keep PCR Driving informed of any bookings organised, to avoid double bookings. In the event of double bookings which result from your driving instructor’s failure to notify PCR Driving of such bookings, it will be your driving instructor’s responsibility to rectify the matter, by rescheduling the new booking.These things can happen. PCR Driving does what it can to ensure Driving Instructors are available when they say they will be.

3.5​ It shall be You and your driving instructor’s responsibility to agree all matters relating to each lesson, including, but not limited to, date, time, location, duration, and subject.

3.6​ Any bookings requested by you, the client, will be an offer, but whether they accepted will be at the discretion of your driving instructor and PCR Driving.

3.6a​ Only if and when PCR Driving tells you, the client, that a booking has been accepted, does it become a binding contract between you and your driving instructor, and only for that lesson, unless otherwise organised between you and the instructor.

3.6b​ Should you, the client, wish to book two or more lessons when booking the first, and PCR Driving accepts those bookings, our contract will be for all lessons booked.  

3.7 ​PCR Driving will not reserve lesson slots or guarantee regularity of lessons over any period of time, at any particular day and time, unless a booking has been made by you, the client, through PCR Driving’s website or telephone service. However, we shall make reasonable endeavours to make available regular slots for clients.

3.8 ​In the event that you are going to be late for a lesson, it is your responsibility to contact either PCR Driving or your driving instructor. If the instructor decides they can’t attend the lesson, they may cancel at their discretion without refunding the charge, provided you are more than 10 minutes late.  

3.8a ​If the driving instructor is more than ten minutes late, you will be to cancel that lesson without being subject to any charges, on the basis that it is not a late cancellation, but a failure on your driving instructor’s part to attend.

3.8b​ If you, the client, cancels a lesson without giving more than 48 hours prior notice, you will be subject to a charge for that lesson, at the rate agreed for that lesson, at your driving instructor’s discretion.

3.8c ​If you, the client, gives more than 48 hours prior notice, you may cancel without incurring a charge for that lesson.

3.8d​ All charges for late cancellations are at the discretion of your driving instructor. Under exceptional circumstances, which may include illness, accidents, bereavement, or any other reason, PCR Driving encourages driving instructors to be reasonable in the way they treat you, the clients. PCR Driving believes your driving instructor will be best placed to make that judgement. PCR Driving will support the driving instructor’s judgement in these matters.

3.8e ​If your driving instructor has reason to believe that you, the client, is unfit to drive at the time of the lesson, due to the use of alcohol, drugs (prescribed or otherwise), illness, fatigue, or any medical condition that renders you, the client, unfit for whatever reason, they will be entitled to charge for that lesson, at their discretion. PCR driving advises their instructors to display the appropriate basic intelligence and compassion under such circumstances. Bear in mind, driving instructors are professionals, and late cancellations represent a significant cost. For a relevant comparison, imagine turning up to work only to discover that your boss doesn’t want you in today, and so won’t pay you.​

3.8f ​All clauses and sub-clauses related to clauses and sub-clauses attached to clause 3.8, also apply to test bookings.

3.9 ​If your driving instructor needs to cancel any lesson for any reason, they are expected to give you, the client, at least twenty-four hours prior notice. PCR Driving would not expect the driving instructor to be liable for the cost of that lesson, provided they re-arrange that lesson where possible, or refund you, the client.

3.9a ​The entirety of clause 3.9, and all related subclauses, only applies to pre-paid lessons.3.9b​In the event of an inability, by your driving instructor, to attend a booked lesson, for exceptional circumstance beyond your driving instructors control, such as severe illness or injury that leaves them unable to drive, unavailability of their vehicle, familial bereavement, or another reasonable reason entirely beyond their control, they will not be held liable for failing to attend that lesson.3.9c​In the event that your driving instructor is unable to attend a lesson for an inadequate reason, or a reason within their ability to control, and do not provide more than twenty-four hours prior notice, your driving instructor will be held liable for that lesson, and will be expected to deliver that lesson at no extra charge to you, the client, at a moment of your convenience.3.9d​In the event that your Driving Instructor is unable to attend a test booking, for any reason, and have failed to make adequate provision for your test in terms of providing a vehicle, your Driving Instructor will be held liable for the cost of the test’s fee, and where such bookings’ fees have been paid for in advance, provide the test booking at a rescheduled date at no extra cost, or refund the fee.3.9e​If you, the client, has a good reason to believe your Driving instructor is unfit to drive due to the use of alcohol, drugs (prescribed or otherwise), illness, fatigue, or any medical condition that renders your Driving Instructor unfit for whatever reason, you, the client, will be entitled to cancel that lesson at the time, at your discretion, and receive a refund should the you ask for it.PCR Driving insists that your Driving Instructor display some basic intelligence and not drive they are not fit to. Likewise, we would expect you to display the same basic intelligence.3.10​Your Driving Instructor should make all reasonable effort to start a lesson at the time booked. If a delay to the start of a lesson is more than five minutes, the instructor is obliged to notify the client affected.3.10a​If the delay to the start of a lesson is greater than fifteen minutes, you, the client, may cancel and demand a refund if the lesson has been paid in advance.  3.10b​If the delay to the start of a lesson is greater than fifteen minutes, and you, the client, does not cancel the lesson, the instructor is obliged to deliver the lesson that has been paid for, however long that happens to be.3.10c​Your Driving Instructor will then be responsible for managing their diary, to ensure affected clients are rescheduled, in relation to clause 3.10b.3.10d​If you, the client, does not wish for the full time to be made up, the driving instructor can offer to make the time up at a moment more convenient for you, or offer a refund proportional to the length of time not provided. For example, if your driving instructor was fifteen minutes late, and you, the client, took only forty-five minutes of the lesson as a result, your instructor would have to make up fifteen minutes, or refund money to the value of fifteen minutes.PCR Driving advises its instructors to employ some basic intelligence when taking bookings, to ensure they have sufficient time to get from one booking to the next. Ultimately, as PCR Driving’s instructors are not employees of PCR Driving, the instructor is responsible for managing their diary, as well as insuring PCR Driving is aware of their availability, or lack thereof.  3.11​Where the contract is made with you, the client, off the premises, regulations give you the rights set out in this clause, along with the rights set out within all the provisions of clause 3. You, the client, may for any reason, cancel any lesson during the fourteen-day period that follows PCR Driving taking the booking, with the exception of the example laid out in clause 3.11a.3.11a​A lesson, booked for within forty-eight hours of the time said booking was made, can’t be cancelled without incurring your driving instructor’s right to charge for that lesson, in compliance within clause 3.8b.3.11b​Should you, the client, request to cancel a lesson booked, you must do so through any means convenient to you.We would suggest you send a text; that way, you will have physical you’ve done this.3.11c​Should you, the client, cancel any lesson in the manner described in section 3.11, you will be entitled to a full refund. If you have made payments for the lesson prior to this booking, your driving instructor should refund these payments less the amounts due for lessons received, within fourteen days of cancellation.3.11d​Your driving instructor has an obligation to keep track of prepayments made by you, the client, and record what lessons they have delivered, and to have systems in place to keep track of what has been paid and what has been delivered.3.11e​Where you, the client, has prepaid for lessons through PCR Driving, the instructor will be paid as and when they deliver/conduct these lessons. In such examples, PCR Driving will act as an unpaid broker, securing their services for the benefit of you, the client.  PCR Driving urges its instructors to employ their basic intelligence and ensure that if they accept prepayments, that they can account for prepayments and lessons taken. We would also suggest that you, the client, do the same. Bear in mind, driving instructors do not have to accept prepayments.4: Lessons, Their Location & LengthIn These Terms and Conditions, outlines you, the instructors, duties and obligations, and PCR’s duties and obligations.4.1​Where your, the client’s, initial point of contact was PCR Driving, PCR Driving will agree a location for your driving instructor to meet with you.4.2​Where your, the client’s, initial point of contact was PCR Driving, PCR Driving will agree the lesson’s length with you, and duly inform your driving instructor of that lesson’s length.4.3​Where your driving instructor agrees lesson bookings with you, the client, they will organise when a lesson will occur and where a lesson will start, along with the lesson’s duration.4.4​Where appropriate, and for reasons of convenience and safety, your driving instructor can agree a location which requires additional travel on the part of you, the client.4.5​Lessons start at the time and location you, the client, is met, unless otherwise agreed between the you, client and your driving instructor.  4.6​The minimum length of a lesson booked through PCR Driving will be 2 hours. Lessons lasting longer periods can be booked, in increments of 30 minutes. PCR will not book any lesson for a period longer than six hours.4.7​The minimum length of a lesson organised through your driving instructor, will be at the discretion of your driving instructor.However, PCR Driving advises against conducting a lesson lasting less than two hours and lasting longer than six hours. For your mutual protection, we will not expect them to conduct exhausting lesson schedules they can’t cope with. As they are self-employed, however, this is a matter for their own discretion.5: Fees and Payment.5.1​You, the client, must pay all fees for all lessons, unless stipulated in other clauses.5.2​Instructors will charge for lessons on an hourly basis.5.3​While PCR Driving lists charges for all lessons, according to PCR Driving’s price-plan, which is published on PCR Driving’s website, PCR Driving accepts that as your driving instructor operates as a separate business, they may charge whatever they agree with you, the client.Clause 5.3 needs to be included to avoid accusations of price fixing, which is obviously illegal. However, you shouldn’t expect your driving instructor to adjust the price for no good reason. Not to be cynical, but they provide tuition to earn a living.5.4​PCR Driving may change their advertised fees without prior notice. It is up to your driving instructor to pass on these increases to you, the client, and at their discretion.5.5​Your driving instructor has the option of opting out of promotions where discounts are offered.9: Your Driving Instructor’s, Obligations9​Your driving instructor will at all times:9.1​make reasonable endeavours to provide driving instruction at the agreed lesson times;9.2 ​make reasonable endeavours to train clients to a high standard, but shall not be responsible for any errors made by the client during tests;9.3​be professional and courteous towards your client and other road users;9.4 ​act in accordance with the DVSA Code of Practice for Approved Driving Instructors (a copy of which PCR Driving is happy to provide on request);9.5​act in accordance with, and in the spirit of, the laws applicable to driving.9.6​provide tuition in an appropriately modified vehicle, which has fully functioning dual controls;9.7​ensure clients comply with their obligations, as detailed in the entirety of clause 10;10: Your, the Client’s, Obligations10​The driving instructor is responsible for ensuring clients fulfil their obligations to the best of their ability, which include:10.1​you, the client, holds a valid UK driving licence (either provisional or full);10.2​that you, the client, always has their driving licence with them during lessons;10.3​that if you, the client, has been banned from driving and are training for a retest, that they must be legally entitled to take tuition and must present proof of that entitlement to the driving instructor;10.4​you, the client, must demonstrate your ability to read a number plate from the distance specified in the Highway Code;10.5​that you, the client, must always wear any prescribed glasses or contact lenses, when driving;10.6​that you, the client, must inform the driving instructor of any medical conditions or prescribed medication which may affect your, the client’s driving ability;10.7​If you, the client, fails to comply with one or more of clauses detailed in section 10, which include clauses 10.1 through to 10.6, or you, the client, is proven not to be a “consumer” (as defined in Clause 1 above), the driving instructor may immediately cancel one or more lessons. If your driving instructor does so for the reason detailed in this clause, your driving instructor may, at their discretion, still charge for all of the cancelled lessons.If you aren’t who you say you are, then please spare us! Instructor are well within their rights to withhold their services, for whatever reason.10.8​If you, the client, behaves in an objectionable, unreasonable, dishonest, disrespectful, or intentionally dangerous manner, your driving instructor may immediately cancel one or more lessons. If your driving instructor does so for the reason detailed in this clause, they may at their discretion charge for all of the cancelled lessons. This does not affect your, the client’s, statutory rights.PCR Driving sees no reason why their instructors should tolerate poor behaviour; nobody in any area of public life, public service, or customer service, would be expected to put up with such behaviour, so why should your instructor? PCR Driving will back the instructor in such matters, at least as far as the law allows PCR Driving to do so.10.9​If you, the client, does not behave in an objectionable, unreasonable, dishonest, disrespectful, or intentionally dangerous manner, but your instructor makes false claims regarding your conduct, PCR Driving reserves the right to cancel your contract. This does not affect your, the client’s, statutory rights.PCR Driving expects the highest standards of integrity from their instructors.  11: Vehicles and InsuranceThis covers the obligations of your driving instructor, in relation to the vehicle you use for lessons.11.1​Your driving instructor must ensure that the vehicle used for tuition is fitted with dual controls, is fully roadworthy, taxed, has a valid MOT, and is fully insured for the purpose of driving instruction, and driving tests.11.2​You, the client, may wish to use your own vehicle, at the discretion of your driving instructor. You, the client, must provide proof of the vehicle’s roadworthiness, that it is taxed, insured for the purpose of driving instruction (refer to clause 11.2a) and driving tests and has a valid MOT.11.2a​An exemption, relevant to clause 11.2 exists if your driving instructor has public liability insurance, in that you, the client, will be insured, under the provisions of that public liability insurance. ​12: Driving TestsThis section refers to your driving instructor’s, and your obligations with regard taking clients to a test.12.1​It is up to your driving instructor to discuss with you, the client, of your readiness for a driving test. The instructor is obliged to allow you, the client, use of their car for test, with the exceptions of circumstances outlined in clauses 12.3 and 12.4PCR Driving would hope that this is a discussion, as that fits with a service that is client centred.12.2​You, the client will be responsible for booking their own tests, be it theory or practical, unless otherwise agreed.  12.3​You, the client will need to provide at least a week’s notice of any tests you have booked, otherwise your driving instructor is well within their rights to refuse the use of their car. The client is obliged to provide details of the test’s location, date, and time.12.4​If your driving instructor is not satisfied that you, the client, is ready for test because you are unsafe, they are well within their rights to refuse the use of their car.PCR Driving recognises that the best person to make that call is your driving instructor, and PCR Driving will support their decisions in these matters. Let us stress that if you are not safe to take a test, your instructor does you no favours by allowing you use of their car. The worst thing that can happen if you’re not safe, is that you pass; you’ll get yourself in trouble.12.5​You, the client, is responsible for ensuring you have all documents necessary when attending a test. If a test is cancelled because you fail to bring the necessary documents, your driving instructor is not liable for the cost of hiring the car for test.12.6​Your driving instructor will seek to ensure that the vehicle they use for lessons is also suitable for use on test. Where circumstances arise that prevents your driving instructor from presenting the same vehicle for test that was used for lessons, either due to breakdown or collision or other circumstances, your driving instructor is expected to give four days’ notice to the client or provide the use of another vehicle.​12.6a​If your driving instructor fails to provide sufficient notice of their or their vehicle’s unavailability for a driving test, as outlined in clause 12.6, they would be held liable for your, the client’s, cost of booking a test with the DVSA.PCR Driving will, if it can, seek to help your driving instructor under such circumstances, by helping them access another vehicle. However, PCR Driving can make no promises in this area.  12.7​If the client’s driving test is cancelled by the DVSA, in a manner that gives you, the client, insufficient time to cancel the car hire’s booking and preceding lesson, you, the client, is obliged to pay for the use of the car on test.PCR advises its driving instructors to conduct a lesson with you, the client, in such an event. PCR Driving would also advise you, the client, to seek compensation from the DVSA.12.8​If you, the client, has a test booked, and in your driving instructor’s opinion, you have not made the progress expected upon reaching the day of the test, your driving instructor is within their rights to deny the use of their car for test. Your driving instructor, under these circumstances, is not obliged to refund fees paid to hire the vehicle for test and will not be responsible for any fees paid to the DVSA for the test.To be frank with you, the client, the DVSA does not want to see candidates that aren’t capable of passing. The driving test is essentially a health and safety test, so if you’ve no hope in hell of passing, that probably means that you’re not safe on the road, and the worst thing that can happen under such circumstances is that you pass.  12.9​ If you, the client, fails to complete the test or attend the test, your driving instructor is not obliged to refund you, the client, for the use of the vehicle on test, or for the cost of booking the test with the DVSA. 13: Cancellation & TerminationThese terms and conditions relate to the cancellation and termination of your driving instructor’s service.13.1​Your driving instructor may terminate lessons if your, the client’s, conduct, progress, or commitment consistently falls below the standard you expect.13.2​You, the client, is free to terminate instruction with your driving instructor, provided you give sufficient notice, as detailed in clause 3.13.3​Where the clauses and sub-clauses attached to clause 3 apply, and provided they do not contradict this clause, your driving instructor, will refund you, the client, any money paid in advance.14. LiabilityThis section deals with the terms and conditions relevant to your driving instructor’s liability.14.1​PCR Driving does not regard itself responsible for any foreseeable loss or damage you, the client, may suffer as a result of your instructor’s breach of their terms and conditions, or your instructor’s negligence.Don’t blame PCR Driving if it’s not PCR Driving’s fault.14.2​Loss or damage, for which your driving instructor is liable, is foreseeable if your instructor behaves negligently or breach these terms and conditions. Your instructor will not be responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable, and not the consequence of them breaching their terms and conditions, or behaving negligently.PCR Driving will not blame its instructors for what is not their fault.14.3​Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to, or will exclude, you, the client’s, liability for death and personal injury caused by your negligence, or for fraud and fraudulent misrepresentation.14.4​Your driving instructor is expected to be insured to protect themselves against any costs they could be liable for. This cover is expected to insure you, the client, for any actions leading to damages during tuition.14.5​Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to exclude, limit, prejudice, or otherwise affect PCR Driving’s obligations to you, the client.For more details of Your legal rights and responsibilities, please refer to Your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau or Trading Standards Office.15. Changes to Terms & ConditionsPCR Driving may, from time to time change these Terms and Conditions:15.1​Without giving you, the client, prior notice, though PCR Driving will notify your driving instructor of any changes as soon as is reasonably possible, will endeavour to discuss changes before they are implemented, and pass the information on to you, the client.If change is forced through legal requirements and changes to legislation, PCR Driving may have to change the terms and conditions sooner rather than later. If a change is not due to legislation, PCR Driving will seek to consult your driving instructor, and ask them to pass it on to you, the client.  16. Your Personal Information (Data Protection)16​All personal information PCR Driving collects and processes will be held in accordance with the provisions of EU Regulation 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), and your rights under GDPR. For complete details of our collection, processing, storage, and retention of personal data, including but not limited to the purpose for which personal data is used and the legal basis for using it.Details of Your rights and how to exercise them, and personal data sharing (where applicable), please refer to Our Privacy Notice [available from;]17. No Waiver 17.1​No failure or delay by your driving instructor, or you, the client, in exercising any rights under these Terms and Conditions guarantees these rights to your driving instructor, and to you, the client, but will waive any subsequent breeches of the same or any provision, detailed in the aforementioned clauses. .18. Severance18.1​If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held, by any competent authority, to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, the validity of the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions and the remainder of the provision in question shall not be affected.19. Law & Jurisdiction19.1​These Terms and Conditions, which form the basis of this Contract between you, the client, your driving instructor, and PCR Driving. Whether contractual or otherwise, they shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the law of England & Wales.20. AcceptanceBy signing this document, you are confirming that you are 17 years of age or over and have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Supplementary Information.RegulationsPCR Driving is required, by the Regulations, to ensure that certain information is given or made available to you, the client, and your driving instructor. Before PCR Driving make a contract with you, the client, PCR Driving is obliged to provide all the information not already apparent from the context of the transaction. PCR Driving have included the information in these Terms and Conditions for you, the client, to see. All of that information will, as required by the Regulations, be part of the terms of PCR Driving contract with the client, as a consumer.InformationAs required by the Regulations:All of the information described in Clause 14 and any other information PCR Driving gives you, the client, about lessons or other services, you can account for when deciding to hire a PCR Driving Instructor.Aspects will be part of the terms of contract you, the client, has with your driving instructor.Complaints, Suggestion &feedbackPCR Driving always welcomes feedback from our instructors and their clients. Whilst we always use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that our Instructors provide a high standard of service to all concerned, we nevertheless want to hear from you if you have any cause for complaint, any concerns, or any suggestions for improvement.Likewise, if any of our clients have any complaints, concerns, or suggestions for improvement, we will talk to you, the instructor, about it.Please contact us and our support team via e-mail or on 01733301914As a consumer, you, the client, will benefit from any mandatory provisions of the law in your country of residence. Nothing in in these terms and conditions takes away or reduces the client’s rights as a consumer to rely on those provisions.Any dispute, controversy, proceedings or claim between you and Us relating to these Terms and Conditions, the Contract, or the relationship between you and Us (whether contractual or otherwise) shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland, as determined by your residency.